Hour of Code

Description: Hour of Code teach students the basics of block-based coding and with Scratch, this is great for anyone who is new to coding or for special one-day events.

Structure: Hour of Code is short 45- to 75-minute standalone activity designed for students to start and complete a coding project in one session. Students will watch a series of videos and slide shows to create one coding project in Scratch with opportunities to personalize their work using “Add-Ons.”

We offer these programs and MORE!

High Seas Adventure

In this activity, students will animate an ocean wave to create a setting, then tell a story that takes place on the high seas.

Gumballs Coding Adventure

In this activity, students tell a story using the characters from the Cartoon Network’s “Amazing World of Gumball.”

Animate a name

Students pick a name and bring the letters of the work to life using code. Choose a nickname, a pet’s name, an animal, a sport, a place, or a hobby.


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