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Setup & Go

Mobile Device Support Services

Our Setup & Go service will help you set up your device and show you how to operate your new or existing device so that you’re feeling confident and comfortable using it and not wondering where things are and what this does.

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Device Troubleshooting

Committed to Quality

For our Troubleshooting Service, if you’re having problems with your new or existing device and need someone to fix it for you and just don’t have the time to make it to the store and wait around hours for someone.

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Mobile Device Support Specialist

Exceeding Expectations

Our services are offered in home so you don’t have to worry about waiting at the store and you can get on about your day. Or maybe you’ve had your device for a while and still haven’t set it up all the way.

 We offer in office or at your business. Because we know, sometimes you run out on your lunch break and don’t have time before, or after work to do so. So, we’ll come do it for you.

And yes, our senior citizens are taken care of as well. We know you need a little more time and patients, so our trained Mobile Device Support Specialist has the time and patients you need.



Outstanding Quality

Email setup & training:

Need help accessing your emails on a mobile or tablet

We will help set up your GMAIL (google mail),

Windows Mail & Outlook 365 and iOS


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